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18” x 22” digital art on 20” x 24”

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Has breast cancer treatment transformed your life and vision?  Find recovery through riding the magic of the Assyrian Genies by drawing them with their sacred trees. Pathseekers will flex their fingers in guided hand healing exercises in the Art Studios of the Education Department. We will proceed to the Halls of the Ancient Near East, and enter into the lost worlds of ritual healing.  In these Galleries, students can improve their fine motor skills by interpreting with pencil the arts of the ancients. We will convene back in the studio to share our drawings of the 3,000 year old alabasters. Class is open to all skill levels.

BROOKLYN MUSEUM  7:00 PM Thursday.

We will contact students with a date after enrollment is full.


Anthony Coda Lopez, Access Coordinator breast.cancer.pathseekers@gmail.com

Gorgana Griffina

Digital drawing on metallic pencil.  (Not for sale)